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Cats, bearing hats :iconbunnyfroofroo:BunnyFroofroo 1 1 Whisper through the Mountains :iconbunnyfroofroo:BunnyFroofroo 1 2 Fish into Water :iconbunnyfroofroo:BunnyFroofroo 6 6
Mosters in Your Closet
Don't you mean skeletons?
No, I mean monsters.
It's what I prefer.
Rather than bones,
I want deep grumbling tones.
Well, why aren't they under your bed?
Don't be ridiculous,
They can't fit under the bed.
You'd have to be oblivious
to not know they're in the closet instead.
I don't believe you.
That's fine by me.
You don't have to agree,
I'll let you be,
just you wait and see.
:iconbunnyfroofroo:BunnyFroofroo 1 1
Thank you for joining us today, Robby, tell us a little bit about yourself.
"Thanks for having me, Chuck. I must say it’s a real honor to be on your show, and I couldn’t be happier right now. As you know, I’m Robby, and I play in the upcoming zombie apocalypse movie. My role is the hero, and I manage to befriend a zombie."
Tell us a little bit more about this zombie friend.
"Well Chuck, he’s a great guy. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with anyone better. He doesn’t talk much, he’s not a fast walker, and every so often he kind of makes these gurgling noises. At first I was a little weirded out by him, but then I grew to like him."
Wait, you mean as his role in the movie, right?
"No, I mean on set with him. It’s like having a dog play a dog in a dog movie, but this is a zombie playing a zombie in a zombie movie. The only difference between him and a dog is that he has a slight craving for brains for reasons unknown to me."
Well, Rob,
:iconbunnyfroofroo:BunnyFroofroo 4 7
What if the Storm Ends?
    There is something about her that always makes me watch her from across the quad, or through the window. I’ve never said a word to her, and she’s never looked at me. I don’t mind, I want it to stay this way forever to keep the mystery in my head running.
    It’s a bleak and dreary November morning with the clouds overhead seeming to get darker with each passing minute. The wind pushes one dark cloud in front of the other, each one a mass of ugly, bitter grey.
    I round the corner to get to my multivariable calculus class that’s located in building eight, which is on the opposite end of campus from my economics class. I round the corner of the dumpster to cut across the quad when I run into someone.
    Both of us were going a little too fast, until we collided with an equal and opposite force. Why am I such a nerd?
    I mumble an apology, rubbing my shoulder, and then I get a look at the person. It&
:iconbunnyfroofroo:BunnyFroofroo 1 1
Light the Fuel
The light was blinding,
even when I closed my eyes.
Everything pure was ending.
A lying evil was on the rise.
Fueled by our need to retaliate,
we stood, but there was no change to negotiate.
The sugars turned to spice,
and water turned to blood.
We made sure they paid the price,
drowning them out with our flood.
:iconbunnyfroofroo:BunnyFroofroo 1 4
Three Doors Down
Some people live three doors down from me.
They argue really loud; I sometimes watch them out the window,
Other times I don’t want to know.
It’s rare when we can all find a way to agree.
But it’s unanimous, tonight we’re going to make some changes.
For some reason I’m really nervous though.
When I’m gone I constantly feel like I’m free.
It always seems that your arms feel like home no matter what,
Those people three doors down, they’re the ones I owe.
:iconbunnyfroofroo:BunnyFroofroo 3 8
The Warning Ocean
Trojans devour the sea they ride upon;
Each one covered in desirable blood red -
Thunder echoes within my icy chasm.
Once grabbed, each man is left for dead.
I tried to hold them up, but their weight -
Down each one fell into my frozen wasteland.
The sound of silence closed its teeth on me,
And guilt swallowed my ability to stand.
Hundreds of them started out upon the journey,
But only four hooves escaped my threatening waves.
Everything in my power wasn’t enough -
The only path ahead is death by caves.
:iconbunnyfroofroo:BunnyFroofroo 0 3
He Looks Like a Jack to Me
    I saw a stray dog the other day by the bus stop. He looked like he was probably a terrier mix. The stray life was not treating him well. I could see his ribs poking out, his fur was dirty, and his nails were too long.
    The next day I bought some dog food at the local pet store. I had no idea how much dog food cost. I think I got ripped off.
    An old Tupperware thing that used to hold deli turkey became his food bowl. I tucked it under the bushes with food inside it in the morning. I didn’t see the dog, but I hoped he was alright.
    When I got back later that night I saw him eating out of the bowl.
    The day after that I put food in the bowl again, and there he was. He growled when he saw me, but as soon as I poured a cup of food in the bowl, he cocked his head to the side. Something happened inside of me when he did that. We were meant for each other. I got on the bus and watched him out the window.
:iconbunnyfroofroo:BunnyFroofroo 13 14
Imagine Dragons
For some reason I can only picture unicorns.
Sometimes I see trolls and ogres with really bad teeth.
I really like griffons and those lion, snake, goat things.
People tell me I read too much, but I can’t help it.
In worlds where there’s flying whales, and demons,
The princess always seems to get stolen. I don’t know why.
Instead, I’ll look out the window and make shapes with the clouds.
Fairies, thunderbirds, rocs, and the phoenix fly by,
Each one waves at me with a smile, and I wave back.
I'm never changing who I am, because I love to imagine dragons.
:iconbunnyfroofroo:BunnyFroofroo 0 3
Florence and the Machine
She always kicked and fought,
It always did just what she said.
They tore through every spot,
No matter the cost to get ahead.
It’s a wonder they never got caught
In those dreams of valor, asleep in bed.
:iconbunnyfroofroo:BunnyFroofroo 1 1
Where You Belong
If the swelling tide doesn’t take you away
It will leave you strong.
No use in trying to explain it, they say,
It must be where you belong.
It gave me its worst, but it wasn’t bad,
It became mad, and I watched it dwell,
It flooded everything on land,
But I kept my stand, even through hell.
Thought it could leave me drowning in the fray,
But the sun came up at dawn.
No use in trying to explain it, they say,
It must be where you belong.
:iconbunnyfroofroo:BunnyFroofroo 8 9
Horsey Shades of Grey :iconbunnyfroofroo:BunnyFroofroo 6 2 Run in the Blazing Water :iconbunnyfroofroo:BunnyFroofroo 11 2


Color with Love
Dalmation by BunnyFroofroo Doberman by BunnyFroofroo
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Optional to be sent through email or uploaded onto Deviant Art.

1. Note me a picture of your pet or what kind of animal - along with a favorite color.
2. I will provide the full size file upon payment.
3. Paypal (5$) or Points (500)

If you have any questions send me a note. (:

Thank you!


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hopping through the forest
United States
Bunny Rabbit by BunnyFroofroo

I absolutely love art, and hope to be great at it some day. My other hobbies include writing and building stuff out of legos. I also am in charge of spreading the word out about Techcycled, an upcycled jewelery store. You can look into it at :icontechcycle:

Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny


You Can Lead a Horse to Water :iconbunnyfroofroo:BunnyFroofroo 76 11


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